Orgschema PEN Concept Group


The group consists of the parent company, PEN Concept Group AB, corporate ID no. 556772-5667. The Jönköping-based company conducts group-wide operations and has two employees.

In addition, the group consists of six wholly-owned subsidiaries, four of which are in Sweden and two in China. WGG Holding AB, corporate ID no. 556831-6680, is located in Jönköping. It is a holding company with no actual business operations, which was acquired in connection with PEN Interiör AB. The wholly-owned subsidiary, PEN Interiör AB, corporate ID no. 556453-5093, designs and manufactures customer-specific exhibition materials for trade fairs and exhibitions, as well as specially designed store interiors. The company has 30 employees.

Shop Service Center i Lerum AB, corporate ID no. 556340-0810, is a company that started out back in 1988. It sells shop fittings largely from a basic range manufactured in China. The company has 16 employees in Lerum.

Oboya Automotive AB, corporate ID no. 556769-9052, is a dormant company with no operations. Oboya Shop Concept in Qingdao, China, is the group’s manufacturer of its basic range of fittings for warehouses and store interiors. The company has its own customers in Europe and the US. It employs 81 people in Qingdao, China. Oboya Logistics Hong Kong, China, provides transport services within the group, between China and international customers. It does not sell its services to external customers. The company has one employee in Hong Kong.