Robert wu

Robert Wu, b. 1965, Chairman of the Board

Robert Wu was born and raised in China. Educated at a Chinese banking college, but has also studied business in Sweden and is now a Swedish citizen. Robert has previously been employed by the People’s Bank of China, and later served as sales manager at the ACG-Nyström Group in Borås, as regional manager for Asia at Isaberg Rapid AB, and later held a managerial position with the New Wave Group AB before starting the Oboya Group in 2006, where he has served as CEO. Shareholdings: 8,169,000 shares via a company

Mikael palm andersson

Mikael Palm Andersson, b. 1965, board member

Master of Law degree from Lund University. Currently serves as vice president of Oboya Horticulture Industries AB. Previously served as managing partner at Advokatbyrån Wåhlin and partner at Advokatbyrån Berglund & Co. Also has a history in the New Wave Group, where he served as CEO of the subsidiary HEFA AB Sweden and its subsidiaries in Finland, Denmark and Germany.

Shareholdings: 490,000 shares, including related parties

Annica-Lind-Nordberg 2

Annica Lind Nordberg, b. 1970, board member, CEO

Engineer and market economist. Annica has 10 years of experience in the industry and many years of engineering experience, particularly in the Electrolux group with household appliances. Most recently served as CEO in a private manufacturing company. Annica has a network in the industry and in manufacturing, mainly in Scandinavia but also in the rest of Europe. Hired as CEO of PEN in 2015. Annica is a natural leader and was named Mentor of the Year in Jönköping County in 2012. Shareholdings: 81,300 shares

Krister Magnusson

Krister Magnusson, b. 1966, board member – independent CEO

M.Sc in Business and Economics from the Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law. Currently serving as CFO of the Nilörn Group, a company in the Traction sphere. Prior to this, Krister was CFO of the New Wave Group. He has also served in the financial departments at Munksjö AB, Forsheda AB, Postgirot Bank AB and ICA Detaljhandel.

Shareholdings: 135,000 shares

Karl Malmstrom

Karl Malmström, b. 1976, board member

M.Sc. in Business and Economics. Karl is currently the CEO of Connect Väst, which means he works daily with fast-growing companies in Western Sweden. Karl has previously served as CFO, CMO and CEO in everything from small, innovative companies to listed companies.

Shareholdings: 0 shares

David pantzar

David Pantzar, b. 1962, board member

M.Sc in Business and Economics, currently works as a consultant. Previously owner and CEO of Pen Interiör AB, 1992–2011.

Shareholdings: 333,300 shares


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